(adapted from the POF of the Institute « F. Morosini”, Venice)
The presence of foreign pupils in our Institute necessitates the organization of a series of actions which will offer them improved opportunities of apprenticeship and of socialization.
The primary objective of our scholastic reception and following programs will be to guarantee them serenity, precise reference points, respect and consciousness of their own potential.
We believe beneficial that the student be integrated into a welcoming class of children of the same age, choosing the class most adapted to receive him. In order to respect the individualities of each entering student, we will first need to:
- test his cognitive, socio-affective and motor capacities
- verify the type of school attended in his home country
- verify if he has chosen Roman Catholic religious instruction, or find out if he follows another religion
- announce the presence of the student to the Sanitary Services for verification of required vaccinations
- investigate the food habits of the student’s home country
Concerning the difficulties which may be found during the entrance examination, our Institute will organize special learning projects for each level of achievement, however the learning of Italian will be the most important. The duration is variable depending on the level of difficulty. The teachers of the welcoming class, as well as the others of the school, will all be involved in these projects of educational support.
From the beginning these pupils will take part in all class activities, either through their insertion in small groups or by individualized instructive activities.
We will collaborate with the local agencies: the Municipality (Social Services, Immigration Service), the Province and the Region (ASL). In an additional scholastic timetable, laboratories of L2 Italian will be organized and animated by special education school instructors (consult the Intercultural Integration Project).
If necessary, with the help of the Service of Immigration of the Municipality of Venice, the establishment will solicit the presence for 12-hour periods of cultural mediators in class to be an adjunct to the professor.